Costs and Limitations

Product Description

Simplify Clinical Medical Records With An Affordable, Comprehensive EMR

MediFile is a full-featured, inexpensive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for small to medium-sized physician practices. It comes with seven software modules: Templates, Diagrams, Notes, Rxs, Labs, Messages, and Letters. These modules include a tremendous amount of functionality, and provide all that you need to reap the benefits of electronically maintaining clinical records.

Runs on Desktop, Wireless or Handheld Computers

MediFile software modules run on desktop pc's, wireless pc's or handheld computers running the Windows CE operating system. The handheld computers are usually synchronized with the main MediFile database at the beginning of each day. This process downloads to the handheld the day's schedule and also any existing information related to these patients. At the end of the day, the handheld is synchronized again with the MediFile database to upload newly generated information

Module Summary

Templates - Create or adjust text layouts that are part of office notes in different situations, such as for different levels of visit, diagnoses or procedures. Create groups of templates to be applied together. Create choice values to be used in the templates. Create running choices, where a single selection fills in several parts of a note at once.

Diagrams - Create or adjust graphic layouts that are also part of office notes. Set up colored annotation areas.

Notes - Fill out an office note for a patient visit using the templates and diagrams. Remember selections made from previous visits by this patient. Maintain patient specific lists, such as allergies, medications, goals.

Rxs - Write and print prescriptions. Select medications from the medication library or previously prescribed medications for the current patient. Sign prescriptions electronically.

Labs -View lab results for a patient in spreadsheet form. Sort lab results into different arrangements for convenient comparisons. Abnormal lab results are automatically highlighted in color. Add comments about individual results.

Letters - Use templates to generate letters pertaining to patients. Letters might be for other providers, insurance companies, government agencies.

Messages - Maintain additional information about a patient. Front-desk personnel can enter phone call messages. Physician assistant personnel can enter reminders to be visible when the provider sees the patient.

Interfaces with Your Existing Practice Management System

The MediFile product includes at no charge an interface to you Practice Management System that links the demographic and scheduling information in the two systems. Our interfacing techniques do not require involvement from the Practice Management System vendor.

Uses Daily Patient Schedule

The MediFile home screen presents the health provider with a list of patients from the daily schedule. A summary shows what medical information exists for patients from past visits. The provider can also see what components of the record are present/missing for today's visit. Patients can be added to the schedule if necessary. The schedule shown can be for one provider or all providers. Visits on the schedule are classified according to type and status. The provider receives immediate notification if a patient status changes, such as when a patient arrives in reception, or when a patient visit is cancelled.

Generation of Charge Codes

The ability to send charge codes from MediFile to the Practice Management System requires the installation of our AutoBilling product. With AutoBilling installed, MediFile can generate the codes for a patient visit based on the templates used in the office note, allow the codes to be reviewed and adjusted by the provider, transmit the codes to AutoBilling where the codes are validated against billing rules, and then have AutoBilling post the codes into the Practice Management System.

Viewing of External Documents

The ability to view documents that are not created in MediFile requires the installation of our InfoIntegrity product. With InfoIntegrity installed, you can scan in documents and link them to the MediFile clinical records. Whenever you access a patient record in MediFile (or your Practice Management System), any scanned documents are immediately available in an InfoIntegrity viewing window. InfoIntegrity includes many other features such as automatic form recognition and document worklists.

Blocks And Lists

Blocks and Lists are components of patient data that are available for inclusion in office notes or letters. A typical Block is 'Family History'. A typical List is 'Allergies'. Blocks and Lists are remembered after each patient visit, and can be automatically included in a new patient note or letter. Blocks and Lists can be updated independently, by, say, a physician assistant when they are interviewing a patient prior to a provider performing an examination.

Security Features Address HIPAA Concerns

MediFile includes many features to ensure compliance with HIPAA security requirements. A complete audit trail of medical record use is maintained. Permissions control how staff access each part of the medical record. Passwords can be set to require updating at a predetermined interval. MediFile sessions can be set to expire after a period of non-activity.

HL7 Interface Engine Included

The MediFile product includes at no charge an HL7 Interface Engine. HL7 is a standard protocol for transmitting data between health care computers. Typical uses are the acquisition of lab results or reports from other systems.

Other Interfaces Are Inexpensive

If another interface is required, we guarantee to write one with all necessary features, and without requiring the involvement of the other system's vendor - or your money back.

Integrates with Email, Faxing, Voice Recognition

Any part of a MediFile record can be emailed or faxed at the touch of a button. Off-the-shelf Voice Recognition packages work in conjunction with MediFile without difficulty.

Electronic Signature

MediFile users can have an electronic signature code that allows them to sign (or co-sign) any part of a MediFile record. An audit trail of signatures is maintained. Once signed, a record cannot be changed.

Supports Cut-and-Paste from Other Windows Applications

You can cut-and-paste text and graphics back and forth between MediFile and any windows-compliant application. For example, you can add digital photos to an office note. Or, you could copy labs results from MediFile to a spreadsheet program to make a graph, and then copy the graph back into the MediFile office note.



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