Q: Our staff is very busy. Why add scanning to their daily routine?

A: Using InfoIntegrity to scan and retrieve documents takes far less time and effort than filing paper records. With InfoIntegrity, you are adding one task (scanning), while eliminating copying, filing, storage and the often-frenzied search for important documents. Our clients appreciate the improved office efficiency that comes from scanning documents to create electronic records.

Q: How does InfoIntegrity compare with its competition?
A: InfoIntegrity is more efficient at scanning, classifying and indexing documents. It rapidly links documents to the correct account. There is no double keying of demographic data. And the automatic form recognition feature rapidly identifies forms. In high volume scanning situations, InfoIntegrity quickly and easily generates barcodes to make the scanning process even more efficient.

Q: How long will it take to learn how to use this system?
A: Some people learn how to use InfoIntegrity in 15 minutes. Our system is easy to learn and use because it is intuitive. Features such as automatic form recognition and screen scraping streamline the process of entering and retrieving information. Because other scanning systems don't have these features, they take far longer to learn, and are more difficult to use.

Q: What do we do with our paper documents? How long must we keep them?
A: Once you are up and running, you can shred your paper documents or store them in boxes. Typical state laws require medical offices to hold on only to a reproducible record. With InfoIntegrity, hard drive storage and backups provide an electronic record that meets this requirement for reproducibility.

Q: Can InfoIntegrity handle all our documents?
A: Yes. InfoIntegrity scans and stores all the documents and forms associated with medical offices including lab results, transcriptions, faxes, insurance cards, referrals, EOBs, insurance letters, etc. It handles many file formats such as tif, jpg, doc and rtf. Some of our clients also store clinical images such as ultrasounds and x-rays.

Q: Does the system ever get completely full?
A: Eventually, you can fill a hard drive with stored images. We have found, however, that the ever-increasing size of computer hard drives has kept ahead of the storage needs of our clients. If you need to free up space on your hard drive, the system also allows you to easily archive your older records onto CDs. With InfoIntegrity, storage of records is easy, inexpensive, and takes up very little space.

Q: What kind of support do you provide once the system is installed?
A: Our systems have proved extremely reliable. Many of our clients have never had any downtime. If you have a problem, we will fix it by phone, or we will come to your site that day or the next. Our maintenance agreement includes an 800 number hotline that provides support during regular business hours, and you can arrange for additional support if needed.

Q: Do you charge for software upgrades?
A: We provide regular software upgrades as part of our industry standard maintenance fee. While some companies charge exorbitant prices for software upgrades (such as for HIPPA compliance), our product upgrades don't cost you an extra penny. We pride ourselves on our support and encourage you to ask our existing clients about it.

Q: How secure is the system? Does it meet HIPPA and other regulations?
A: InfoIntegrity enables you to meet federal and state regulations for privacy and security. The system includes security features such as password protection, timing out of log-ins, changing passwords after a certain number of days, authorizations, and lockdown of charts. Moreover, because InfoIntegrity leaves an audit trail, you can track everything that is done to a record, and by whom it is done.

Q: Can we use our own scanners and pc's?
A: Yes, for the most part. We strongly prefer to provide the image server (where the records are stored) because of technical issues such as back up, redundancy and the ability to troubleshoot problems. Also, we like to recommend certain scanners that have superior paper-handling and software features.

Q: Can I access InfoIntegrity over the internet?
A: Yes, through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).



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