Product Description

Text Searching For EOBís

Use EOB/FullText to rapidly find EOB documents using the actual words in their text, such as the patient name or claim number. EOBís matching search phrases are displayed in order of best match, and you can control the number of matches to retrieve.

The system allows you to keep an extensive repository of all your EOBís, eliminating the expense associated with maintaining these documents in their original form.

Save Vast Amounts Of Time

When preparing secondary claims, processing denials, or answering patient queries, it takes just a few seconds to locate the correct EOB and review it on-line. If required, you can then print it out, attach it to an email, or fax it Ė all without leaving your desk.

You can also annotate retrieved documents using electronic white-out, highlights, redaction, sticky notes, etc.

Compare this to the time taken to manually retrieve EOBís from file-cabinets or boxes. Think of the effort saved by no longer having to use black markers to hide extraneous information.

State-Of-The-Art Full-Text Database

Behind the search process is a state-of-the-art full-text database which stores the actual words and phrases contained in the EOBís. When retrieving EOBís, a sophisticated scoring algorithm is applied to return the top matches for any text query.

Acquire EOBís From Hardcopies Or 835-Format Transactions

EOBís are entered into the system either by scanning hardcopies, or by downloading them from the Internet using 835-format transactions. Either way, capturing EOBís is quick, and building the full-text database is automatic.

Narrow A Search By Date Range Or Payer

The full-text database can contain thousands or millions of documents. If the same text appears on many documents, you can restrict a search by a range of dates, or by a particular payer or insurance company.

Expand A Search Using Multiple or Partial Phrases

You can search using combinations of phrases or partial phrases. For example, if you do not know the exact spelling of a patient name, you can search various patient name spellings simultaneously.

Integrate With Workflow or Other Document Types

EOB/FullText can be implemented either as a stand-alone storage-and-retrieval engine, or can be integrated with our InfoIntegrity Document Imaging Management System. Consider adding InfoIntegrity if you are interested in automating processing workflow, or if you wish to store and retrieve other types of document in addition to EOBís.



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