Q: When using forms, how accurate is this system? What if the marks on the form are not clear?

A: If the correct circle on the encounter form is marked, AutoBilling's accuracy is close to perfect - even if the circle is only half filled. In instances where numbers have to be handwritten, the system is also highly dependable. AutoBilling easily identifies handwritten numbers as long as the numbers are written in accordance with a few simple rules.

Q: When using handheld computers, how easy is it to transfer data to/from the handheld?
A: The handheld computers are normally synchronized with the main AutoBilling database twice a day - once before the beginning of the day to get the day's schedule of patients, and once at the end of day to transmit the charge information entered by the provider. Each synchronization process takes about thirty seconds.

Q: When using forms, do we use our existing encounter forms?
A: We take your existing forms and modify them as little as possible so they can be easily scanned.

Q: When using handheld computers, how easy is it to enter the charge information?
A: It is true that handheld computers have limited screen space. However, we have taken great care to design a user interface that is clear and allows for convenient selection of procedures, diagnoses, modifiers and quantities. The software also remembers previously used code combinations, to speed you in the data selection process.

Q: Does AutoBilling handle infrequently used diagnoses and procedures? Does it handle more than diagnoses and procedures?
A: AutoBilling accommodates whatever information you need for the billing process. The system easily handles additional diagnoses and procedures, co-payments, modifiers, quantities, accident dates, hospital stay dates, lab tests, hospital charges, etc.

Q: Can your system associate different diagnoses with different procedures?
A: Yes. AutoBilling's flexibility enables it to follow whatever rules you require. Once a rule is programmed, the system never forgets it. For example, validity checks can enforce insurance carrier rules regarding required/invalid procedures and diagnoses.

Q: Will it work with our billing system? What happens if we change billing systems?
A: Autobilling works with any billing system. Moving AutoBilling between billing systems is not a problem.

Q: Can we use this system for multiple locations and for multiple forms?
A: Yes. Your encounter form and handheld interface are designed to accommodate multiple providers, locations, insurers, and even multiple business entities. Whatever your needs, AutoBilling can be programmed to meet them. The program is flexible and networkable.

Q: Can we keep using a two-sided form? Can we use legal and/or letter size documents?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: How long does the process take from scanning forms, or synchronizing handhelds, to posting?
A: This depends on your billing system and the billing system interface. The system typically posts three complete billing tickets per minute, though it can often be faster. Since posting with AutoBilling does not require an operator to be present, clients often post their charges at the end of the day.

Q: When using forms, do we have to use barcoding?
A: Using barcodes with AutoBilling is quick and easy. We generally recommend using barcodes if key information such as account numbers and service dates cannot be easily and accurately recognized from print on the form. In practice, using barcodes often makes a lot of sense.

Q: How long will it take to learn this system?
A: Because the encounter forms and handheld interface that we design are similar to your existing forms, the transition to AutoBilling is straightforward. Also, the operation of the scanner and handheld computer is learned quickly and easily.

Q: All of our computers are being used. Do we need a new machine?
A: Probably not. If necessary, posting, which is the longest part of the process, can happen overnight when your computers aren't being used. And the scanning of encounter forms, or synchronizing of handhelds, can be performed in 15 minutes at the end of the day.

Q: Can I use my own equipment?
A: Yes, except that we recommend certain types of scanner, and the handheld computers must use the palm operating system.

Q: Is usage of AutoBilling metered?
A: No. The cost of AutoBilling is not dependent on the number of encounters processed.

Q: What kind of support do you provide once the system is installed?
A: We pride ourselves on our support and encourage you to ask our existing clients about it. Our maintenance agreement includes an 800 number hotline that provides support during business hours. Arrangements can be made for additional support if needed. We will fix your problem by phone, or we will come to your site that day or the next. Moreover, we provide regular software upgrades as part of our industry standard maintenance fee. We also don't charge for annual charge code modifications.

Q: Our practice is currently expanding. How scalable is this system?
A: We have sites processing many forms at many locations. AutoBilling will streamline your billing workflow whether you are small or large.

Q: Is there an audit trail of everything processed?
A: Yes. You can look back at what was processed at any time.



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